EU Law and Governance

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Publication Date 2022
ISBN 9781108864046
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What is the EU for? In light of the current state of European integration, EU law cannot meaningfully be appreciated without understanding the political, social and cultural context within which it operates. This textbook proposes a fresh, accessible and interdisciplinary take on the subject that is suitable for one-semester and introductory courses wishing to engage the reader with the wider context of the EU project.

It situates the institutions, legal order and central policy domains of the European Union in their context and offer readers the tools to critically analyse and reflect on European integration and its consequences. With pedagogical features such as further reading, class questions and essay/exams questions to support learning, this textbook enables readers to form their own informed opinion on whether the EU offers an appropriate answer to the many questions that it is asked.

Table of Contents:

  1. Understanding EU Law and Governance
  2. The EU as a Bureaucracy
  3. The EU as a Political Union
  4. The EU as a Regulator
  5. The EU as a Legal Order
  6. The EU as a Market
  7. The EU as a Union of Citizens
  8. The EU as a Union of Values
  9. The EU as a Unity
  10. The Future of EU Law and Governance
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