European Commission Guidance on Strengthening the Code of Practice on Disinformation

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Publication Date 26/05/2021
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Communication published by the European Commission on 26 May 2021, setting out guidance on how the Code of Practice on Disinformation could be strengthened to become a more effective tool for countering disinformation.

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The Code of Practice on Disinformation was established in October 2018. It sets out principles and commitments for online platforms and the advertising sector to counter the spread of disinformation online in the European Union (EU), which its signatories agreed to implement. It became the world's first self-regulatory instrument to fight disinformation. In September 2020, the Commission published an assessment which identified shortcomings and gaps in the coverage of the Code's commitments.

This Guidance aims to address those shortcomings as identified in the assessment and following up on the direction set out by the European Democracy Action Plan (EDAP). It highlights the Commission's expectations on how platforms and other relevant stakeholders should strengthen the Code to address gaps and shortcomings and create a more transparent, safe and trustworthy online environment. It also lays out the cornerstones for a robust monitoring framework of the Code's implementation.

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