European labour and social security law: Glossary

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Publication Date 2002
ISBN 90-411-1905-1
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European labour and social security law affects almost everybody. Moreover, language itself, terminology, their translation, interpretation and application are deeply political, and are bound up in history and culture. This glossary sets out to provide informative and accurate information on these particular European legal areas, in an attempt to eliminate vagueness and uncertainty, in five key languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. The European legislative acts on labour and social security law are reproduced and alphabetised in these five languages, in order to both clarify any contradictions across these languages and to draw attention to any nuances in meaning or confusion that the terminology and concepts used create. The glossary aims to establish a summary of the discrepancies over language used by the five sample nations, in order to facilitate greater understanding and communication on the whole.

Over four large parts, the glossary's contents can be briefly categorised as follows: part one consists of the glossary itself, the entries and their definitions, covering Community Legislation and Case Law. Part two sets out the comparative tables of the five languages, and how they each translate the terms used, and part three contains an alphabetised series of registers - a list of 'words-notions' - in the five languages. In part four there is a bibliography with recommended websites and databases, and the annex to the glossary comprises of a list of legislative acts themselves.

The glossary is intended for academics and practitioners within the field of European labour and social security law.

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