European Union foreign policy in a changing world, 3rd ed.

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Publication Date 2014
ISBN 978-0-7456-6469-9 (hbk) / 978-0-7456-6470-5 (pbk)
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The European Union finds itself at a critical juncture; not only has the deepening crisis in the eurozone weakened the EU’s internal structure, it has impacted significantly on its international image and external relations.

The third edition of European Union Foreign Policy in a Changing World offers a clear and detailed analysis of the complexities and challenges of contemporary European foreign policy-making. Thoroughly revised and expanded, the book explores how and why the EU endeavours to achieve five core foreign policy objectives:
- The encouragement of regional cooperation
- The advancement of human rights
- The promotion of democracy and good governance
- The prevention of violent conflicts
- The fight against international crime, including terrorism.

The book shows how the EU must grapple with acute policy dilemmas because the five objectives not only clash with each other, but also with other policy priorities. The Lisbon Treaty may have resolved some of the difficulties of making sound EU foreign policy but, the book contends, coherence remains an ongoing problem. It also explores the challenges the EU faces in achieving its objectives in a multipolar world, against the backdrop of a euro crisis which has damaged the EU’s international standing and drained attention and resources away from foreign policy-making.

This book will be a valuable resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students of European politics, foreign policy analysis, international relations and related disciplines.


1. Introduction: Conceptualising EU Foreign Policy
2. The Evolution of the EU as an International Actor
3. The EU’s Foreign Policy Instruments
4. Regional Cooperation
5. Human Rights
6. Democracy and Good Governance
7. Conflict Prevention
8. The Fight Against International Crime
9. Conclusion

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