Finding Britain’s role in a changing world: Partnerships for the future of UK Foreign Policy

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Publication Date December 2020
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After a prolonged period of introspection and tensions with longstanding partners, this new publication sets out the many different ways in which a ‘Global Britain’ can reinvigorate its relationships with allies, alliances and institutions.

The UK can show that it is willing to do the hard work to retain and build alliances with like-minded countries to make regional and global systems work in both the national and international interest. In order to build trust the UK should demonstrate that it still believes in the intrinsic value of international cooperation as more than simply an instrumental tool in its foreign policy kit because as an internationally focused middle power the UK benefits enormously from promoting wider global acceptance of international institutions and established norms.

Table of Contents:

  • Partnerships for the future of UK Foreign Policy: Executive Summary | Adam Hug
  • Partnerships for the future of UK Foreign Policy: Introduction | Adam Hug
  • After Brexit: Recasting a UK-EU dialogue on foreign policy | Rosa Balfour
  • The UK and European defence: Will NATO be enough? | Jamie Shea
  • Engaging with Europe after Brexit: Time to reset the UK’s relationship with the Council of Europe | Alice Donald and Philip Leach
  • Global Britain in 2030: Multilateralism and the importance of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) | Anna Chernova
  • The UK and the Commonwealth: Leading the rights path | Sanjoy Hazarika and Sneh Aurora
  • Brexit Britain at the United Nations | Richard Gowan
  • Recommitting the UK to multilateralism through the United Nations | Enyseh Teimory
  • Kindred spirits: How a post-Britain and the EU can work together to strengthen multilateralism | Thorsten Benner
  • The UK and Canada: National Security and collaboration in uncertain times | Aaron Shull and Wesley Wark
  • Another look at values-based multilateralism | Thomas E. Garrett
  • Partnerships for the future of UK Foreign Policy: Conclusions and Recommendations | Adam Hug
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