Finnish parliamentary election, April 2023

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Information Guide focusing on the legislative election held in Finland on 2 April 2023.

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In Finland, the Members of Parliament (Eduskunta) are usually elected every four years. In the parliamentary election, the country is divided into electoral districts. A certain number of Members of Parliament are selected from each district. The number depends on the population of the electoral district. A total number of 200 Members of Parliament are elected. A functioning government is required a parliamentary majority of at least 101 seats.

The country was governed since the previous election by a coalition headed by the centre-left social democrats (SDP) and comprising a variety of centrist and left-leaning parties. The electoral campaign focused on ideological debates regarding public spending, the economy and climate change. Attention was also given to the performance of Prime Minister Sanna Marin while in office. Pre-electoral polls suggested a tight race between the incumbent, centre-right Kokoomus and far-right Finns party.

The elections held on 2 April 2023 resulted in a victory for Kokoomus (20,8%), followed by the Finns party (20,1%). Despite the electoral gains, the social democrats were only third (19,9%). All other coalition parties lost support when compared to the previous election. Analysts suggested the electoral outcome would trigger long negotiations to form a government with a parliamentary majority.

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