Formation of national government following parliamentary election in Latvia

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Reports and analysis of the process leading to the formation of a government in Latvia, following an inconclusive parliamentary election held in October 2018.

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The cabinet is formed by a five-party coalition and led by the former member of the European Parliament, Krišjānis Kariņš. The government would consist of his New Unity party, the New Conservatives, the Development/For! Alliance, the National Alliance and the KPV LV party.

This was the third attempt at resolving the political deadlock, following months of negotiations which were a result of a fragmented election outcome. The new Prime Minister was chosen despite the fact his party is the smallest in Parliament. The largest party in the chamber - the Social Democratic Party 'Harmony' - was not included in coalition formation talks after all other parties refused to cooperate with it. Mr Kariņš vowed to make his government's priority to clean up the country's financial system and to tackle corruption.

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Latvian parliamentary election, 6 October 2018

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