Forum: Pensions and the Financial Crisis

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Series Details Vol.13, No.2, Summer 2015
Publication Date June 2015
ISSN 1612-0663
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Series of features:

+ Recessions and Retirement: How Stock and Labor Market Fluctuations Affect Older Workers (Courtney Coile)

+ Old-age Provision in Germany: The Crisis Impedes a Shift Towards Higher Pre-funding (Martin Werding)

+ The Dutch Pension System and the Financial Crisis (Roel Beetsma, Mirja Constandse, Frank Cordewener, Ward Romp and Siert Vos)

+ Challenges for Spanish Pensions in the Early 21st Century (J. Ignacio Conde-Ruiz and Clara I. González)

+ Robustness of the Danish Pension System (Torben M. Andersen)

+ Pension Reform in Europe: What Has Happened in the Wake of the Crisis? (David Natali)

+ The Financial Crisis and Differences in State Pension Generosity across EU Countries (Aaron George Grech)

+ The Robustness of Pension Systems: Lessons from the Crisis (Falilou Fall)

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