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Because Germany has deeper roots than any other European nation in Turkish society, it is also the country that is bearing the brunt of Turkey’s domestic problems.

Turkey’s relations with the European Union are crumbling, German media refers to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a 'Diktator', and Turkey’s media - at least its increasingly shrill pro-government news outlets - are describing Germany as a 'terrorism-sponsoring' state, a 'PKK-lover' and a nation bent on weakening Turkey. As Berlin voices criticism of Turkey’s declining human rights record and its crackdown on Kurds and dissidents following the failed military coup in July 2016, Ankara reacts by upping the anti-German rhetoric in its version of 'alt-right' media and sending symbolic political messages— such as restricting the access of German politicians to visit German troops at Incirlik airbase or trying to organize pro-Erdogan rallies across Germany.

In short, Germany, once deemed as Turkey’s most solid ally in Europe, has emerged as the ultimate 'Frenemy' – both a friend and an enemy, an indispensable but a hated ally

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