German policy-making and eastern enlargement of the EU during the Kohl era. Managing the agenda?

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Publication Date 2002
ISBN 0-7190-6328-0 (Hbk) / 0-7190-6329-9 (Pbk)
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Helmut Kohl was considered by many to be the physical embodiment of the huge powers retained or exercised by the Chancellorship in German politics, both domestically and in development of its foreign policy. This work is a study of the bureaucratic decision-making process of the Federal Republic and the size and weight of the chancellor's influence along with the consequent rivalries such a concentration of influence creates.
The work is organised over 5 chapters plus an Epilogue. The first chapter provides a comprehensive introduction to the complex EU policy-making system of the FDR complex. Chapter two explores in detail those rivalries arising at inter-institutional and even inter-department levels. The interaction between the EU institutions and the Chancellor and Chancellor's office are outlined in chapter three. Earlier chapters have raised the question of 'agenda management' of the EU enlargement issue by the Chancellor's office within the FDR. Chapter four explores the extent to which that operates in the FDR's relationships with ECE countries. Kohl repeatedly asserted the FDR as 'advocate' of the ECE countries in the enlargement issue, and the chapter shows that his room for manoeuvre and capacity for influence was less constrained than it was internally within the FDR. A comprehensive concluding chapter draws together all the earlier evidence and raises some new topics as areas worthy of further research. An interesting addition to the work is the final 'Epilogue' that considers how the relationship and influence of the Chancellor's office has changed during the SPD-Green coalition under Chancellor Schröder.
The work will interest final year undergraduates, postgraduates, academics and researchers in German politics and foreign policy.
Stephen D. Collins is Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs at Yahoo! Europe, an Internet media company.

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