Germany and the use of force

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Publication Date 2004
ISBN 0-7190-6708-1
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This work seeks to illuminate the debate surrounding developments in the security policy of Germany.

The book is organised over seven chapters. The first chapter gives the conceptual framework applying the theme of strategic culture as an approach in security studies. Chapter two covers the period of rearmament in the 1950s and the construction of West German strategic culture. Chapter three presents a case study on the period up to 1999 and varying German perspectives on the use of force. Chapter four continues the study with discussion of German perspectives on the events of 9/11, Afghanistan and the Iraq War of 2003. Chapter five explores the internal and external impulses for defence reform and reshaping of the Bundeswehr during the 1990s. Chapter six contrasts the continuance of military conscription in Germany with the almost terminal decline of conscription policies elsewhere in Europe. Chapter seven draws together the arguments of earlier chapters to present conclusions which broadly affirm that despite increased confidence in Berlin as to the future of German security policy it will remain conditioned by its pre-1945 experiences and post-1945 formative experiences.

The book will interest scholars and students of contemporary European security and German politics.

Kerry Longhurst is Lecturer in German and European Security at the Institute for German Studies, and Assistant Director of the European Research Institute, at the University of Birmingham.

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