Germany and Turkey fail to agree on Incirlik airbase

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The decision by Turkey's government to impose restrictions on members of Germany's parliament was seen as a result of the deteriorating diplomatic relations between the two countries.

In September 2016, the airbase was involved in a dispute over a resolution from the German parliament recognising the Armenian massacre as genocide. The diplomatic relations between the two countries kept deteriorating in the run up to a referendum on constitutional reforms in Turkey, when Germany refused to allow Turkish politicians to campaign in the country.

The latest decision not to allow parliamentarians into the airbase resulted from Germany's decision to grant asylum to a number of officials and citizens accused of taking part in an attempted coup against the Turkish government in July 2016.

Germany's Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel announced on 5 June 2017 the country was removing its armed forces from Turkey's Incirlik airbase because of restrictions imposed on German lawmakers seeking to visit troops there.

Mr Gabriel stated the search for an alternative location for the troops was going to begin shortly. Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen reported on 18 June that the Bundeswehr troops would begin pulling out from Incirlik in July and begin a move to Jordan. The decision was endorsed by the Parliament on 21 June. The complete move was expected to take three months.

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