Guide to European company law. 3rd ed.

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Publication Date 2007
ISBN 978-0-421-93270-8
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The Guide to European Company Laws offers practitioners a simple route to a greater understanding of company law in the EU. You will find an explanation of general principles, answers to practical questions, plus comparative commentary clearly set out for each country so that multi-jurisdictional questions can be resolved with ease.

-Provides a comprehensive coverage of company law for all EU countries

-Explains and discusses the general principles of European company law succinctly

-Outlines the corporate structures in Europe giving you a first point of reference before seeking out specialist advice

-Provides information in a clear country-by-country template and quality English translations, enabling you to quickly grasp another country’s legal framework

-Includes comparative commentary of the 27 EU countries and 3 EEA countries

-Provides a review of the principle types of business organisation in each jurisdiction enabling you to advise companies in every EU country

-Examines the requirements of incorporation for each jurisdiction, clarifying the rules for forming companies as they apply in each country

-Includes the major reforms in company law within all the European jurisdictions so you are fully briefed on new developments

-Provides advice on how to approach setting up subsidiaries and branches in new regions

-Looks at the financial and legal impacts of company expansion into new European jurisdictions

-Provides details of the Company Law Act 2006 and its significance in relation to European law

-Discusses the role of the European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) in cross-border cooperation

-Includes a separate chapter on the impact of EC law on the harmonisation of company law in the member states

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