In a league of their own

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Series Details 15/03/01, Volume 7, Number 11
Publication Date 15/03/2001
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Date: 15/03/01

It's time to set the record straight about claims that the three Commissioners involved in the soccer transfer fee row didn't have a clue about football.

After their recent meeting with FIFA president Sepp Blatter, it emerged that competition chief Mario Monti is apparently an avid fan of Serie A giants AC Milan.

His cultured counterpart Viviane Reding can often be seen cheering from the terraces at home games of her rather lowlier Luxembourg side Esch sure Arzette.

The one question mark hangs over employment chief Anna Diamantopoulou, from Kozani, Greece. Rumour has it she can't tell one end of a ball from the other.

“Maybe she supports Kozani United,” said one aide.

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