Information Guide: The EU Referendum, 23 June 2016. The United Kingdom and the European Union, August 2017 edition

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This record offers you multiple ways to find a substantial range of information sources on the topic of the United Kingdom's current relationship with the European Union, the holding of a referendum on that relationship, and the exit of the UK from the European Union (Brexit).

The Source URL links to a presentation in pdf format highlighting some of the major sources and issues of the debate (all of the images in this guide are hyperlinks which connect to the full source). This guide is updated on a regular basis. An earlier version of this Information Guide called 'The BREXIT Debate' can still be accessed to trace older information sources.

The Related URLs include links to some of the key stakeholders in the Brexit Debate - from all ranges of opinion and perspective - and links to the Brexit Tag of some of the key news sources.

Finally, through the Related URL 'ESO: Find other information sources on Brexit' you will connect to every record in ESO which has Brexit as a keyword - an unrivalled way to find literally hundreds of information sources on this topic.

Brexit Timeline

The EU Referendum, 23 June 2016 - The results and subsequent development

In addition to Part 2 of this guide you can also check the following links below for more information on the impact and reactions to the results of the referendum on EU membership:

+ France
+ Germany
+ Ireland
+ Italy
+ The Netherlands
+ Poland
+ Spain
+ United Kingdom

+ Reaction in the EU Institutions
+ The result of the referendum in the context of rising Euroscepticism and populist politics in many EU Member States
+ Reaction in Scotland, which voted to remain a member of the European Union
+ Resignation of the UK's European Commissioner Jonathan Hill
+ Reaction from think tanks
+ Reaction from countries outside the EU
+ Reaction of EU Citizens in the UK
+ Article 50 TEU: Withdrawal of a Member State from the EU
+ English as an official language of the European Union
+ European Council summit, 28-29 June 2016
+ Reaction in Northern Ireland, which voted to remain a member of the European Union
+ Reaction in Wales, which voted to leave the European Union
+ GibraltarA comprehensive guide to information on the lead-up, campaigning and results and aftermath of the EU Referendum held in the United Kingdom on 23 June 2016. Compiled and revised by Ian Thomson.

Part 1: Before the Referendum [see Related URL]
Part 2: After the Referendum [see Source URL]

An earlier edition of this guide, entitled 'The BREXIT Debate', contained a greater focus on publications issued before 2016 [see Related URL].

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