Key Controversies in European Integration (Third Edition)

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Publication Date 2021
ISBN 9781352011906
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Observers of the European Union could be forgiven in thinking that since its inception the EU project has been under threat from near constant crises. In recent years, controversial issues such as EU enlargement, the fallout from the Eurozone crisis, migration policies, Brexit and the Corona pandemic have tested the EU to its limits and divided public opinion in the process.

The major third edition of this comprehensive textbook on the EU seeks to introduce the integration project by looking at the thorny debates politicians, European citizens and the media contend with on a daily basis. The editors have invited top names in the field to contribute a stirring contribution either 'for' or 'against' each of the toughest political questions the EU faces. In doing so, it offers a broad introduction to all the key concerns of the Union.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • The European Union: Success or Failure?
    • Why Europe Works | John McCormick
    • The Rise and Fall of the EU | Jan Zielonka
  • More Powers for Brussels or Renationalization?
    • A Stronger, More Supranational Union | Derek Beach
    • The New Intergovernmentalism and European Integration | Uwe Puetter
  • How Democratic is the EU?
    • The Inevitability of a Democratic Deficit | Richard Bellamy
    • A Democratic Achievement, Not Just a Democratic Deficit | Christopher Lord
  • Too Much Power for the Judges?
    • Understanding the European Court's Political Power | Karen Alter & Daniel Kelemen
    • A Strange Institution | Jeremy Rabkin
  • Can There Be A Common European Identity?
    • European Identity Formation in (the) Crisis | Ulrike Liebert
    • A Common European Identity is an Illusion | Jonathan White
  • Lobbying in the EU: How Much Power for Big Business?
    • Still Influential After All These Years: Corporate Interests in the EU | Laura Horn & Angela Wigger
    • The Diminishing Power of Big Business | David Marshall
  • The Uncertain Future of the Euro
    • Why the Euro is a Functional Necessity in the Process of European Integration | Henrik Enderlein
    • For a Plurality of Economic and Social Models! Against the Uniform Euro State! | Andreas Nölke
  • Can the EU Tame Big Finance?
    • The Merits of Adaptive Governance: The Regulation of Financial Services in the EU | Jörn Carsten Gottwald
    • The Pitfalls of EU Governance in Financial Markets | Daniel Mügge
  • The Big Waste? The Common Agricultural Policy
    • The CAP: Dilemmas and Facts | Anastassios Haniotis
    • The Common Agricultural Policy: an Environmental, Social and Sanitary Failure | Eve Fouilleux
  • Does the EU Act as a Normative Power?
    • The EU as Normative Power | Daniela Sicurelli
    • Living in a Material World: A Critique of 'Normative Power Europe' | Mark Pollack
  • Has EU Enlargement Gone Too Far?
    • The Case for European Union Enlargement | Rachel Epstein
    • EU Enlargement: A Critique | Christopher J. Bickerton
  • Towards A Common European Army?
    • The European Union's CSDP: the Great Illusion | Luca Ratti
    • Defence Integration in the EU: From Vision to Business-as-Usual | Hanna Ojanen
  • Britain's Decision to Leave the EU: Good or Bad?
    • In Defence of Brexit | Christopher J. Bickerton
    • Brexit-a Political and Economic Disaster for Britain | Martin Rhodes
  • New German Hegemony: Does It Exist, And Is It Dangerous?
    • A Benign Hegemon: Germany's European Vocation | Miguel Otero-Iglesias & Hubert Zimmermann
    • The Failure of German Leadership | Matthias Matthijs
  • What Future for the Transatlantic Partnership?
    • Dis-Atlanticism: The West in an Era of Global Fragmentation | Rawi Abdelal & Ulrich Krotz
    • A Transatlantic Strategy for the Liberal Order | Bart Szewzyk
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