Polish government welcomes arrival of US troops, while NATO eyes Russia

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In January 2017 4,000 soldiers of the US Armored Brigade Combat Team arrived in Europe to join a recently increased land, sea and air presence by the United States in the region.

Operation Atlantic Resolve was designed to reassure NATO allies and partners in the region. It was just one aspect of America’s commitment to the region. Operational Atlantic Resolve was a bilateral security commitment on behalf of the US and the countries concerned - it was not formally a NATO activity.

The action demonstrated U.S. commitment to Europe and was aimed to act as a deterrent in light of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.

The troops would move from Germany to Poland where they would be dispersed across seven locations in Eastern Europe for training and exercises with European allies.

The move was the biggest deployment of US troops in Europe since the end of the Cold War. The move was criticised by Russia as a threat to its its national security.

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