Press Release: Commission unveils first EU Anti-Corruption Report

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On 3 February 2014 the European Commission published its first ever EU Anti-Corruption Report. In addition, there were individual country sections for all EU Member States. The package was completed by a 230-page Eurobarometer survey on corruption.

The document explains the situation in each Member State: what anti-corruption measures are in place, which ones are working well, what could be improved and how. It shows that both the nature and level of corruption, and the effectiveness of measures taken to fight it, vary from one Member State to another. It also shows that corruption deserves greater attention in all Member States.

A letter from the European Court of Auditors (ECA) to the leaders of the EU published in April 2014, criticised the EU Commission’s Anti-Corruption report as overly descriptive, offering little analysis and no substantive findings, relying instead on the results of corruption perception polls, whose usefulness was limited.

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