Proposal for a Regulation on European data governance (Data Governance Act)

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Series Details COM (2020) 767
Publication Date 25/11/2020
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Legislative initiative tabled by the European Commission on 25 November 2020, aimed at facilitating data sharing across the European Union (EU) and between sectors.

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The proposed instrument aims to foster the availability of data for use by increasing trust in data intermediaries and by strengthening data-sharing mechanisms across the EU. The aims to address the following situations:

  • Making public sector data available for re-use, in situations where such data is subject to rights of others;
  • Sharing of data among businesses, against remuneration in any form;
  • Allowing personal data to be used with the help of a personal data-sharing intermediary, designed to help individuals exercise their rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);
  • Allowing data use on altruistic grounds.

This is the first of a set of measures announced in the 2020 European Strategy for Data. It intends to offer an alternative European model to data handling practice of major tech platforms. The approach proposes a model based on the neutrality and transparency of data intermediaries.

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