Regulation (EU) 2018/1475 laying down the legal framework of the European Solidarity Corps

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The European Commission adopted on 30 May 2017 a proposal for a Regulation setting up the legal framework for the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) and assigning its budget for the period 2018-2020.

The Council of the European Union adopted its general approach on 20 November. The European Parliament agreed to start interinstitutional negotiations on 7 March 2018. The two institutions reached an informal agreement on the proposed Regulation on 27 June. The draft law was formally adopted by the co-legislators on 2 October 2018.

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The idea of a European Solidarity Corps (ESC) was to create opportunities for young people across the European Union to make a meaningful contribution to society and to show solidarity while developing their skills. It was first presented during the 2016 State of the Union address and was reaffirmed by the European Council at an informal meeting in September 2016. The proposal also responds to the call by the European Council in December 2016 to take work on the European Solidarity Corps forward, and it was one of the priority initiatives included in the Joint Declaration on the EU's legislative priorities for 2017.

In December 2016, the European Commission adopted a Communication on the European Solidarity Corps, which launched the first phase with a target of having 100,000 young Europeans taking part in the scheme by 2020. During this initial phase, eight different EU programmes were mobilised to offer volunteering, traineeship or job opportunities to young people across the EU.

The ESC brings together two complementary strands: volunteering and occupational activities. The volunteering strand offers young people the opportunity to carry out full-time voluntary service of between two and twelve months in another country.

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