Report on Progress in Romania under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism

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Series Details COM (2021) 370
Publication Date 08/06/2021
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Report published by the European Commission on 8 June 2021 on progress made by Romania in the context of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) since October 2019.

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The CVM was established at the accession of Romania to the European Union as a transitional measure to facilitate national efforts to reform its judiciary and step up the fight against corruption. It represented a joint commitment of the Member States and of the EU. The mechanism is set to end when all benchmarks applying to Romania are satisfactorily met.

This report takes stock of the progress under this mechanism since the 2019 CVM report and assesses progress on the 12 recommendations of January 2017 and the eight recommendations of November 2018 within the existing four benchmarks. This document presents a positive trend of the situation within the parameters of the benchmarks. The Commission welcomes the fact that a renewed impetus was given in 2021 to reform and to reverse the backtracking of the 2017-19 period.

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