Report on the implementation of apiculture programmes

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Publication Date 13/01/2023
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Report published by the European Commission on 13 January 2023 on the implementation of apiculture programmes.

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The apiculture sector is seen as essential to pollinating crops, fruits and other flora in addition to providing honey and other apiculture products. The European Union's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has several tools to support this sector, one being the apiculture programmes, as set out in Regulation (EU) No 1308/2013. This Regulation established a common framework for the organisation of agricultural markets in the EU, and it is also known as the CMO Regulation.

The CMO Regulation requires the European Commission to present a report every three years on the implementation of the measures concerning the apiculture sector. The report must also include the latest developments on beehive identification systems.

The report covers implementation of the national apiculture programmes for 2020-2022. This is the eighth report on implementation of the apiculture programmes. The report does not cover all aspects of beekeeping but focuses on implementation of apiculture programmes. It does however provide a short overview of the apiculture sector in the EU and information on EU support to the apiculture sector under the future CAP strategic plans.

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