Research*EU Magazine | Number 15 (September 2012)

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Publication Date September 2012
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Africa: international cooperation, research for development and the digital divide


The special feature in this issue of Research*EU results magazine focuses on ‘Africa: international cooperation, research for development and the digital divide’. The ‘environment and society’ section features many examples of research for development and research in Africa, starting with ‘How trees can help poor farmers’. This is an interview with Graciela M. Rusch, Senior Research Scientist at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) and coordinator of the Funcitree project, which is studying ‘Agro-forestry systems’ and the factors affecting or preventing their adoption in two sub-Saharan sites, in Mali and Senegal.

The ‘biology and medicine’ section also starts with an article on research relevant to development in Africa. ‘New nomenclature for Biomphalaria species in Lake Victoria?’, reports on a project that investigated the water snails in Africa’s Lake Victoria that act as an intermediate host for the human parasite responsible for schistosomiasis. Understanding the types of snail species present in the lake may help prevent the spread of this disease.

The ‘energy and transport’ section starts with the article ‘Sounding out bubbles in pipes’. The story focuses on how European researchers helped find a new method of measuring gas bubbles in pipelines, enabling workers to avoid bubble ‘blow-outs’ like the one that took place in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.


Digital Economy

  • Feature Stories - Tiny robots for less invasive surgery
  • Feature Stories - Intelligent cargo for more efficient, greener logistics
  • Feature Stories - Inspired by challenge - our robotic future
  • Feature Stories - P2P comes to the rescue of Internet video
  • Software development gets easier
  • Feature Stories - New optical sensor can 'see' dangerous chemicals
  • Feature Stories - Communicate with the future
  • Stimulating communication, preventing selfish behaviour
  • One step closer to quantum computers
  • Managing vegetation from space

Industrial Technologies

  • Systemising meat production
  • Nickel extraction from laterite reserves
  • Enhancing quality control in aeronautics
  • Multi-functional decorative coatings for electronics
  • Environmentally friendly catalyst for industrial use
  • Novel ceramic materials and processes
  • The manufacturing miracle
  • Rational design of stretched plastic packaging


  • Feature Stories - Smart ICT for energy efficiency
  • The road to heavy-duty fuel cells
  • Exploiting the offshore sector
  • Automated high voltage transformer monitoring system
  • Catalysing a change in energy production
  • Superconducting cables for electricity grids
  • Automatic temperature regulation without energy input


  • Enhancing African smallholder farming productivity
  • Nanotechnology for targeted cancer therapy
  • Malaria vector control using Wolbachiabacteria
  • Glycosciences network
  • Powered by algae

Climate Change and Environment

  • Traditional cereal improves quality of life
  • Improved resource management for better ecosystems
  • Europe, South Africa look to water conservation
  • Sharing water fairly for mutual benefit
  • Supporting innovative agriculture in water-dry areas
  • Advancing Africa’s right to clean water
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