Research*EU Magazine | Number 16 (October 2012)

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Dyddiad Cyhoeddi October 2012
ISSN 1831-9947
EC ZZ-AC-12-008-EN-C
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Natural disasters and climate change: how science expects the unexpected


With the 18th Conference of the Parties (COP18) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) coming up in Doha, Qatar, in November, this issue of Research*EU results magazine focuses on ‘Natural disasters and climate change: how science expects the unexpected’.

The ‘environment and society’ section then continues with many more examples of research for better understanding, forecasting and preparedness of natural disasters and climate change, starting with ‘Early warning of potential “desertification”’.

The ‘biology and medicine’ section starts with an article entitled ‘Improved treatment of neurodegenerative disorders’, while the feature article of the ‘energy and transport’ section is ‘Drinking water from the sea using solar energy’.

The ‘IT and telecommunications’ section also enters ‘expecting the unexpected’ territory with its opening article, ‘Search technology that can gauge opinion and predict the future’, while the ‘industrial technologies’ section starts with ‘Removing hazardous substances from the air’.


Digital Economy

  • Feature Stories - Sensing for safety
  • Feature Stories - Search technology that can gauge opinion and predict the future
  • Feature Stories - Robotic assistance for the elderly
  • Feature Stories - ICT is new weapon in the war on drug-resistant diseases
  • Feature Stories - Big data at your service
  • Feature Stories - Cutting the costs of secure, evolving software
  • Decision support for composites design and manufacture
  • New software for the genetic road to sustainable health
  • Bread gets ahead


  • Detecting weak signals in cosmic background noise
  • Accelerator research goes pan-European
  • Optimising a novel superconducting material
  • Help coral reefs combat stress
  • Supercapacitors to provide peak power from fuel cells
  • The ‘flavours’ of the particles of the Universe
  • Manipulating light with ‘metamaterials’
  • Drinking water from the sea using solar energy
  • Low-cost, eco-friendly insulation

<Climate Change and Environment

  • Predicting sea-level rise from melting ice
  • Modelling land surface and atmosphere interactions
  • Removing hazardous substances from the air
  • Manipulating the climate
  • Shaking the foundations of earthquake hazard prediction
  • Climate conundrum
  • Saving the Sava river basin
  • A call to address climate change
  • Early warning of potential ‘desertification’
  • Menacing monsoons


  • Boosting health-promoting bacteria in foods
  • Novel compounds against neurodegeneration
  • Improved treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
  • Immune cell-based vaccines
  • Engineering the human cornea
  • Sensing and detecting disease biomarkers
  • Cell-on-chip technology for toxicity screening
  • Bio-engineered pancreas
  • Wakening up the sleeping anti-tumour potential of p53

Industrial Technologies

  • Using bacteria to mine precious metals
  • Carbon nanotubes from lab to market
  • Aerospace SMEs gain more EU support
  • Better moulds for plastic and metal parts
  • Enhancing the competitive edge of the EU textile industry
  • Advancing rapid prototyping technology
  • Metal forging with less heat input
  • Low production costs for high-precision parts
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