Research*EU Magazine | Number 20 (March 2013)

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Publication Date March 2013
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Women in science - and research to improve women's lives


In this issue of Research*EU magazine we interview Sheena Laursen, Director of International Affairs at Denmark’s Experimentarium. In an article opening the new ‘social sciences and humanities’ section, she explains how the EU-funded TWIST project is helping to break down gender stereotypes in science — encouraging more young women to choose scientific careers.

The ‘biology and medicine’ section also features the celebrated work of Professor Molly Stevens of Imperial College who is carrying out research into areas where nanomaterials and biological systems converge. One of the fields in which she is making a significant impact is tissue engineering, where artificial scaffold structures are being used to grow new cells. Prof. Stevens’ research has focused on growing replacement bones by using smart polymer systems.

Then Professor Clara Menéendez of the Barcelona Institute for Global Health introduces us to Pregvax, an ambitious project aiming to improve our understanding of how malaria infections affect pregnancy. As she points out, increased participation of women in leadership roles can lead to more research into problems mainly affecting women. The ‘biology and medicine’ section includes two more such examples: the BASIS project on the ‘Genetic basis of breast cancer’, on page 11 and the Bonequal project on ‘The importance of bone quality in osteoporosis’,



  • Improved future for chronic kidney disease patients
  • Food for the brain
  • Joint research on rare diseases
  • DNA-related biomarker predicts cancer
  • Lightning response to large-scale radiation


  • Advanced organic solar cells
  • Wide-bandgap semiconductors for space applications
  • Breaking down cell walls for biofuels
  • New materials for fusion reactors
  • Helping historic buildings save energy

Climate Change and Environment

  • Algae as more than a future biofuel
  • Weed terminators
  • RTD Success Stories - Planning for a sustainable plastic future
  • Bioprospecting provides useful new molecules
  • Lighter planes for less pollution
  • Fighting road congestion
  • EU–Mediterranean power against pollution
  • Improving rural development programming
  • Recruiting scientists of the future
  • Managing flood risks with novel technology

Industrial Technologies

  • Interoperable system to tackle rail security in Europe
  • Designing the perfect biorefinery
  • A data hub for space and planetary research
  • Simulating innovative textiles
  • Reducing whiplash risk for women
  • Small satellites reaching for the stars
  • Improving carbon nanofillers by reducing clumping
  • Social innovations to combat exclusion
  • Developing reliable and user-friendly in-flight aircraft measurements
  • Machine tools that automatically adjust temperature
  • Sustainable water supply 'fit-for-use'
  • Linking Europe's nanotechnology communities
  • Protecting satellites from space debris

Digital Economy

  • Feature Stories - TV and the internet: a marriage made in entertainment heaven
  • Feature Stories - Keep it simple: bring software complexity under control
  • RTD Success Stories - Smarter phones for the mobile age
  • Feature Stories - The life-saving real world results of intelligent vehicle systems
  • GEO technology initiative goes to central Asia
  • Improving vision processing for space missions
  • Enhancing the world's response to emergencies
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