Research*EU Magazine | Number 66 (October 2017)

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Series Details Number 66
Publication Date October 2017
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Let there be light: Technologies for the visually impaired


The main feature of this months Research*EU magazine takes a look at the long list of research projects funded by the EU that tackle innovative solutions to the issues visually impaired people have to face on a daily basis.

Besides these projects, which are all introduced in this magazine, others are presented across nine themes of research: health, society, transport, environment, agriculture and forestry, industry, information and communication technologies, space and fundamental research. The magazine closes with a list of upcoming events hosted by or involving EU-funded research projects.



  • New imaging technology could predict patient response to NMD treatment
  • A non-invasive way to diagnose brain tumours
  • Liposome-encapsulated drugs for efficient and prolonged delivery
  • Exploring road traffic noise pollution and associated health risks
  • The intricate web of gene expression control mechanisms


  • Better investing in Europe
  • Tools for public engagement will make European research more effective
  • Harnessing the full potential of an ageing population
  • New recommendations for combating global food and nutrition security

Transport and Mobility

  • Putting the info into urban mobility
  • Development of new, powerful battery means long-range electric ferries on the horizon
  • Cleaner engines for greener aviation

Climate Change and Environment

  • Impact of shrinking sea ice on Arctic seabirds
  • Cable bacteria shaking up our understanding of nature
  • Modelling ocean flows advances climate change understanding

Food and Natural Resources

  • From bees to pest control – evaluating nature’s hidden services
  • Swifter on-site detection of toxins in milk reduces waste
  • Innovative FIWARE-based apps for more productive farming

Industrial Technologies

  • Bringing the promise of advanced nano-material products closer, thanks to a new process
  • Recovery of critical metals from waste promotes green technologies
  • Computational homogenisation in magneto-mechanics
  • Software innovation lends a hand to the dredging industry
  • Send a thief to catch a thief: learning from nature for multi-scale turbulent flows

Digital Economy

  • A step closer in tackling online rumours and fake news
  • A push towards decentralised online social networks for an enhanced future digital economy
  • Toward a practical use of phase-sensitive optical amplifiers
  • ICT solutions to enhance urban water management


  • First satellite able to re-enter the atmosphere in a controlled way just launched
  • CubeSat technology validation
  • The secrets of young and dying stars

Fundamental Research

  • Novel methods lift the veil on chromatin’s role in gene expression
  • Self-replicating molecules provide clues to how life may have begun
  • Low-cost, flexible substrates for nanoplasmonic sensing
  • Looking to insects to understand our biological rhythms
  • New insights into the function of fast-spiking, parvalbumin+ GABAergic interneurons
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