Secure 5G deployment in the EU – Implementing the EU toolbox

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Communication published by the European Commsission on 29 January 2020, relating to a toolbox agreed by Member States aimed at mitigating the main cybersecurity risks of 5G networks, and providing guidance for the selection of measures which should be prioritised in mitigation plans at national and at Union level.

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Following the European Council's call for a common approach to the security of 5G technology, and the publication of a Recommendation by the European Commission, the Member States identified risks and vulnerabilities at national level, and publish a joint EU risk assessment. They went on to agree on a toolbox addressing those risks, including risks related to non-technical factors. The toolbox also includes strategic and technical measures and corresponding actions to reinforce their effectiveness.

In accordance with that toolbox, this Communication launches relevant actions within the competence of the European Commission and calls for key measures to be put in place by 30 April 2020.

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