Security risk with Estonian e-ID Cards

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Euro|Topics relaunched their website during 2016. Features published before that date are still available via an archive website (see related url hyperlinks).Estonia is considered the EU's pioneer when it comes to digitisation. Almost all Estonians now have electronic ID cards that they can use for online transactions or voting. But experts have discovered a security risk that affects almost 750,000 ID cards. Estonian papers discuss the implications for the country's image and the autumn 2107 local elections.

The security breach was somewhat embarrassing as the Estonian government prepared for the Tallinn Digital Summit to be held on the 29 September 2017 as part of its Presidency of the EU.

The Tallinn Digital Summit was aimed to be a platform to launch high-level discussions on further plans for digital innovation with the aim of keeping Europe ahead of the technological curve while becoming a digital leader, globally, in the years to come.

The Summit discussions would consider a longer timeframe (up to 2025) and be focused on the essential topics of building a digital future for Europe: trust, security, e-government, industry, the economy, and society.

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