Slovak parliamentary election, 2020

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Political instability in Slovakia following assassination of journalist

The eighth parliamentary election since Slovakian independence in the 1990's, the 2020 election was presumed to be a referendum on the ruling party of 8 years, SMER-SD. Having long been embroiled in corruption scandals, SMER was dealt a blow by having been implicated in the recent assassination of a journalist who had been reporting on corruption.

This framing of the election, however, was upended by to the rise of a neo-fascist party, People’s Party Our Slovakia (LSNS). An anti-immigrant, anti-semitic, conservative nationalist party, LSNS has created strange bedfellows as a variety of parties have agreed to a cordon sanitare  to keep them from power, and from entering government. While corruption was still a salient political matter, it was overall eclipsed by the rise of the LSNS and their hateful rhetoric.


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