Special meeting of the European Council, 30-31 May 2022

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EU National leaders were summoned for a special European Council summit on 30-31 May 2022. Conclusions were adopted on Ukraine, food security, security and defence and energy. On the first day the participants were joined by Ukraine's President, whereas on the second day they were joined by the Chairperson of the African Union (AU).

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Leaders discussed Russia's invasion of Ukraine and urged Russia to immediately stop its attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure, and to withdraw from the entire territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognised borders. Leaders also stressed that international humanitarian law should be fully respect. The European Council commended those helping to gather evidence to investigate war crimes, and expressed support to the work of the ICC Prosecutor and of Ukraine's Prosecutor General. The establishment of a joint investigation team coordinated by Eurojust was welcomed.

There was also an agreement that the sixth package of sanctions against Russia cover crude oil, as well as petroleum products, delivered from Russia to EU Member States. A temporary exception for crude oil delivered by pipeline was included in the agreement. In case of sudden interruptions of supply, emergency measures are to be introduced to ensure security of supply.

EU's support to Ukraine's overall economic, social and financial resilience was also highlighted, as well as the military support provided via European Peace Facility (EPF). EU leaders took note of the preparation of the European Commission’s opinions on the application for EU Membership of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

The European Council condemned the destruction and appropriation of Russia of agricultural production in Ukraine. Member States were invited to accelerate work on the solidarity lanes proposed by the European Commission. EU leaders also called for effective international coordination to ensure a comprehensive global response to food security challenges. The Commission was invited to explore the possibility of mobilising reserves from the European Development Fund (EDF) to support the most affect partner countries.

There was a discussion on EU security and defence in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. EU leaders recalled the Versailles Declaration and the European Council conclusions from March 2022. They also stressed the importance of implementing the Strategic Compass, and underlines that the transatlantic relationship and EU-NATO cooperation are key to the EU's security. Leaders reviewed an analysis on defence investment gaps.

The European Council reviewed progress on the phasing out of Russian gas, oil and coal imports. EU leaders called for further diversification of supply sources and routes, and energy supply at affordable prices; accelerating the deployment of renewables; further improving energy efficiency; completing and improving interconnection of European gas and electricity networks.

Leaders called for greater EU preparedness for possible major supply disruptions, in particular through bilateral solidarity agreement and a coordinated European contingency plan.

The outcome of this special European Council meeting was discussed by the plenary of the European Parliament on 8 June 2022.

Source Link https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/meetings/european-council/2022/05/30-31/
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