Spring 2018 Standard Eurobarometer

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Publication Date 14/06/2018
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The European Commission released on 14 June 2018 its Spring Standard Eurobarometer, which measures feelings of Public Opinion on the functioning of the European Union, its main political concerns and the support to the European project.

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According to this Eurobarometer, a majority of Europeans considered the situation of the economy to be good and showed optimism about the future. Trust in the European Union expanded and support for the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) reached its highest level yet.

More and more citizens considered they benefited from key EU policies and two thirds of Europeans advocate a strong EU when it comes to trade. Finally, a majority of Europeans showed a positive image of the EU and the proportion thinking that their voice counts reached its highest level since 2004.

Source Link http://ec.europa.eu/commfrontoffice/publicopinion/index.cfm/Survey/getSurveyDetail/instruments/STANDARD/surveyKy/2180
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