The 2019 Post-Electoral Survey. Have European Elections Entered a New Dimension?

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Starting from the significant increase in voter turnout in the 2019 elections, this report looks in detail at who went to vote in the 2019 European elections, analysing the variations between EU countries, sociodemographic and socio-professional groups. The much higher turnout in many countries is shown to be stemming from the greater participation among younger people. Also, a sense of civic duty has become more ingrained in Europeans when they think about European Parliament elections, while increasingly favourable views of the EU have also impacted on voter turnout.

For the first time, the report, also analyses respondents’ concrete voting decisions in the context of voting behaviour and motivation, with the full data volumes allowing for unrestricted further cross-examination with all other Eurobarometer key indicators.

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European Parliament: Press Release, 24/09/2019: 2019 European elections: Record turnout driven by young people

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