The ACP-EU Courier | Number 11 (May-June 2009)

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Series Details Number 11
Publication Date June 2009
ISSN 1784-682X
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This issue of the ACP-EU Courier Magazine contains the following items:

  • Editorial
  • To the Point
    • Glynis Robers: A beacon for women... and men
  • Round Up
  • Dossier
    • Sports and donors team up
      • 'International Inspiration' targest 12M children in 20 countries by 2012
      • A World Cup that can change South Africa
      • UN gets behind Sport for Development
      • The power of Jamaica's track success
      • Kick off for EC sport for development projects
      • the power of Sport
  • Interaction
    • After the razzmattaz... What's in the G-20 package?
    • ACP countries in line for 'Food Facility' named
    • NGOs alert over aid cuts
    • The ACP-EU Assembly condemns the G20
    • The dismantling of the Netherlands Antilles
    • ACP-Commonwealth links step up
  • Zoom
    • A man of many parts. A day in the life of South African actor, Tobie Cronje
  • Trade
    • ACP-EU parliamentarians call for greater flexibility
    • Africa's 'America' resists an EU trade deal
  • Our Planet
    • Targeting climate justice
  • Report
    • Dominica/Grenada
      • Dominica. A Passion for Nature and Focus on People
      • Government strategy. Sustaining growth while awaiting a fair wind
      • Psychology
      • Opposition wants more transparent government
      • EC aid. A recompense for good governance
      • Discovering the beauty of a country to be seen on foot
      • Surprising Grenada
      • Do not put all our eggs in one basket
      • Financial crisis. Keep people in jobs
      • Authentic Caribbean: Flash of Wit
      • Government has lost millions in investment for Grenada, alleges the opposition
      • EC-Grenada cooperation. Wager on Grenada's decisions
      • Explore. Bright Red Grenada
      • Art. Heart Attack
  • Discovering Europe
    • Stockholm. The Swedish paradox
      • A model of openness
      • Migration: a characteristically Swedish sensitivity
      • Development Days 2009
      • Innovation at all costs
      • What a Green city!
      • Hammarbz Sjostad, a laboratory for sustainable towns
      • Light and Dark
  • Creativity
    • African publishers networking against invisibility
    • Eco and cultural tourism: a panacea for African tourism?
    • When Africa meets the blues
  • For young readers
    • Sport and development
  • Your Say/Calendar
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