The ACP-EU Courier | Number 19 (September-October 2010)

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Series Details Number 19
Publication Date October 2010
ISSN 1784-682X
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This issue of the ACP-EU Courier magazine includes the following items:

  • Editorial
  • Profile
    • Jean-Pierre Ezin: We must be in the driving seat of the eight AU-EU partnerships
  • Viewpoint
    • Andris Pielbags: A new era in EU relations with Africa
  • To The Point
    • Mgr Louis Portella-Mbuyu, Bishop of Congo-Brazzaville: It is time to put an end to the 'resource curse' in Africa
  • Round Up
  • Dossier
    • Migration and Urban Planning
      • Migration and urbanisation: Dreams and Nightmares
      • Professional intra-ACP migration is a priority
      • Money, Information, Brians, and Arts
      • ACP Human Mobility Report 2011 Highlights Policy Challenges
      • Solutions for shanty towns: awareness raising is worth more than money
      • unending Urbanisation in Lagos, Nigeria
      • Zanzibar: migration crossroads
      • The transformative effect of the Haitian Diaspora
      • Migration hotspots in the Pacific
  • Discovering Europe
    • Flanders (Belgium)
      • Flanders, Belgium. A long history of a marriage of convenience
      • The Flemish Economy: Small is Beautiful
      • Belgium: Hopes for and shadows over its future
      • Flanders: an NGO for Development
      • Cities of Flanders: Flat country with peaks of beauty
      • Culture: Things are moving in Flanders
      • Filming the Heart of Flanders
  • Civil Society on the Move
    • The forgotten people of Kagera
  • Zoom
    • Raoul Peck, Haitian director, screenwriter and producer
  • Our Planet
    • The EU-ACP Climate Alliance
  • Interaction
    • The European External Service: what impact on development policy?
    • Third Africa-Eu Summit Convenes in Libya
    • Taking Africa-EU space cooperation to new heights
    • Putting Agora at the centre of the global village
    • Goodbye to the Netherlands Antilles
    • UNESCO International Literacy Day
  • Trade
    • Seychelles meets the fish quality challenge
  • Report
    • Tanzania
      • Tanzania: caught between resistance to change and innovation
      • 'Mwalimu', the national and international icon
      • A new common market, unique for Africa, of 130M people
      • With such potential Tanzania could do so much better
      • Significant budget support to fight poverty
      • Breaking the vicious circle of disability/poverty
      • The power to decide
      • Water, the sustainable development challenge in Zanzibar
      • The Tanzanian's nightmare
      • Cultural Cauldron
  • Creativity
    • Urban camouflage: Exploring the Origins of an Art Project
    • African Photography in Ulm: An exhibition not to be missed
  • For Young Readers
    • Fruitful entry to Europe?
  • Your Say/Calendar
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