The ACP-EU Courier | Number 9 (December-January-February 2009)

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Series Details Number 9
Publication Date February 2009
ISSN 1784-682X
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This issue of the ACP-EU Courier magazine contains the following items:

  • Editorial
    • Yes, they can!
  • To the Point
    • The press in Africa, as seen by Robert Menard, founder of Reporters sans frontieres
  • Round Up
  • Viewpoints
    • European Development Days 2008:
      • Together for development
    • Humanitarian aid: solidarity in a different context
    • ECHO: dealing with disasters
    • Belgium's political crisis and its development policy
  • Dossier
    • The Crisis. Serious damage for ACP countries... and positive side-effects
      • Africa can be optimistic
      • The harder they come
      • Caribbean tours hotspots feel the chill
      • Pacific islands struck by shock waves from Australia and New Zealand
  • Interaction
    • From Global to Local: The issues of Development
    • Education is an absolute priority, ACP countries remind us
    • Less emphasis on Francophone issues and more activism
    • NGOs around the world call for the EU to support a 'Finally democratic' global governance system
    • Global Forum for Media Development
    • To move beyond the security dimension with Europe
    • Migrants: precious (human) resources for development
    • Cultural Diversity at the forefront
  • Trade
    • Doha lends its support to the "numerical 1%"
  • Zoom
    • Giving Tswana culture a world vision
  • Our planet
    • The 'carbon' price of forests
  • Report
    • Botswana. Beyond diamonds...
      • From low to middle income nation
      • No democracy can exist without discipline
      • Botswana feels a need for outside support
      • Opposition calls for democratic and economic change
      • Adding sparkle to rough diamonds
      • The production challenge in farming
      • Fighting the national HIV/AIDS catastrophe
      • Passion killings
      • Fresh pressures on the Okavango Delta
  • Discovering Europe
    • Aragon awakes
      • Spain encapsulated
      • The Ebro, symbol of a region's combat
      • Recent immigration
      • Working with local players
      • Saragossa, new pole of European communication
      • Our Lady of the Pillar, Goya and other illustrious figures
  • Creativity
    • The legacy of Miriam Makeba
    • Picasso and the African Masters
    • African cinema: tourism and cultural heritage
    • EU puts ACP culture centre-stage
  • For Young Readers
    • The recession
  • Your Say/Calendar
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