The Development of the EU as a Sea-Policy Actor: Fish, Ships and Navies

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Publication Date 2020
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The Development of the EU as a Sea-Policy Actor explores the marine and maritime policies of the European Union (EU), including fisheries, maritime transport, marine environment and maritime safety policies. These policies have made the EU an important sea-policy actor internally and externally.

The author places the EU's sea-related policies in a historical context and discusses the explanatory power of various political science theories, international relations and regional integration theories in particular. What emerges clearly is that no one theory can explain the observed developments, but that we need to combine theories to get a fuller understanding and explanation of what is also referred to as the Blue Europe.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: On The Law Of The Sea And European Integration
  2. Analytical Considerations: On Theory And Concepts
  3. The ‘Constitutional’ Basis Of The ‘Blue Europe’: Treaty-Based Sea-Related Competences And Policy-Making Procedures
  4. The European Economic Community (EEC) and UNCLOS III: Competences, The Community Clause And Ratification
  5. Initiation Of The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP): Equal Access, Derogations And The 200-Mile Zone Decision
  6. The Conservation And Management Policy Of The CFP: TACS, Quotas And Sustainability
  7. The Common Maritime Transport Policy (CMTP): Initiation And Development
  8. Development Of Marine Environmental And Maritime Safety Policies
  9. Maritime Security And Defence Policy And Maritime Border Control Policies: Initiation And Developments
  10. The EU As An International Sea-Policy Actor
  11. Implementation And Enforcement Of The EU’s Marine And Maritime Policies
  12. Explanations And Conclusions
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