The European Commission enables increased use of the OPAL pipeline by Gazprom.

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In response to a request by the German energy regulator, on 28 October the European Commission announced its decision setting out the rules for increased utilisation by the Russian gas company Gazprom of the onshore leg of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, i.e. the OPAL pipeline.

Because of a lack of clarity of information the Commission’s decision is provoking conflicting reactions. On the one hand it enables Gazprom to increase its access to the European market, but on the other hand it is being interpreted as a decision which does not meet the expectations of Gazprom and the OPAL pipeline operator. Therefore, it is not known if and when the rules concerning the of OPAL as proposed by the EC will be implemented and, as a consequence, whether the EC’s decision will put an end to the process of negotiating the rules for the German pipeline’s use that has been ongoing for many years.

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