The government and politics of the European Union, 8th edition

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Publication Date 2017
ISBN 978-1-137-45409-6 (hbk) / 978-1-137-45408-9 (pbk) / 978-1-137-45410-2 (ebook)
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A systematically updated and revised new edition of the leading text on the European Union. Combining authoritative coverage with student-friendly design and features, the eighth edition is brought fully up to date with recent developments in the EU, including the ongoing fallout from the eurozone crisis.


1. Setting the scene: the 'crises', the challenges, and their implications for the nature and operation of the EU

Part I. The Historical Evolution
2. The post-war transformation of Western Europe
3. The creation of the European Community
4. The deepening of the integration process
5. The widening of the integration process

Part II. The Evolving Treaty Framework
6. From Rome to Nice
7. The Constitutional and Lisbon treaties
8. Treaties and the integration process

Part III. The Institutions and Political Actors of the European Union
9. The Commission
10. The Council of the European Union
11. The European Council
12. The European Parliament
13. European Union law and the EU's Courts
14. Other institutions
15. Interests
16. The Member States

Part IV. Policies and Policy Processes of the European Union
17. Understanding EU policies
18. Policy processes
19. Making and applying EU legislation
20. Internal policies
21. Agricultural policy and policy processes
22. External policies
23. The budget

Part V. Conceptualising and Theorising
24. Conceptualising the European Union
25. Theorising European integration and EU politics

26. Conclusions: present realities and future prospects

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