The Trump Presidency: what consequences will this have on Europe?

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The election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States may represent one of the greatest challenge to transatlantic relations since the end of WWII. American commitment to European prosperity and security has never been questioned but during his electoral campaign, Donald Trump made many statements that called into question every one of these core sets of beliefs that have formed the backbone of transatlantic relations for the last seventy years. It is no wonder that his victory was greeted with shock and dismay across Europe, where several emergency summits were held to discuss how to manage this unexpected new challenge to transatlantic relations.

This paper aims to analyze the full extent of the challenge that Donald Trump's presidency represents for Europe. The second objective of this paper is to offer policy recommendations on how the European Union can manage Trump's presidency, turning adversity into opportunity in order to make the next four years a success for the Atlantic alliance. The goal of this paper is to highlight a strategy for the EU to remain visibly present on the world stage, making the most of the potential opportunities that could open-up in the next four years.

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