Theory and reform in the European Union

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Publication Date 1999
ISBN 0-7190-4991-1
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Theory and reform in the European Union:

This is the fifth book published in the Europe in Change series, which seeks to address the momentous political changes dominating the continent's political agenda.

This book examines the relationship between theory and reform in the European Union in the light of the new Amsterdam Treaty. It draws from a rich spectrum of regional integration theories, offering an account of different approaches to the politics of European constitutional reform in the late 1990s. By linking the internal and external relations of the EU, the book contributes to a greater understanding of the new political and institutional dynamics of the emerging Euro-Polity and the questions raised by further treaty reform for the future of the regional system.

The authors also assess the new European security architecture, the prospects for a genuine European foreign policy, and the role of the EU in the international system. This book will be of particular interest to academics, policy-makers and students with an interest in the politics and government of the EU in the 1990s, as well as to those pursuing a career in international affairs.

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