Trump’s Two Summits: Can NATO Navigate the Dangers?

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NATO leaders were worried about what US President Donald Trump might say at the NATO summit in Brussels in July 2018, and what he might agree to in his first proper summit meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin a few days later The author concludes that the countries that are members of both the EU and NATO should work even harder on ensuring complementarity and co-ordination between the two organisations, building on the 74 agreed actions to implement the joint EU-NATO declaration issued in 2016. Ultimately, if they can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their defence spending and their forces, the non-US members of NATO, with a combined defence budget of $300 billion and 1.86 million personnel in their armed forces, should be able to deter and defend themselves against Russia without US help, with a defence budget of $61 billion and 1.01 million personnel.

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