Ukraine death toll rises as Minsk talks fail

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Peace negotiations between the Trilateral Contact Group and the representatives of certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions failed on 31 January 2015 in Minsk, following accusations from both Ukrainian authorities and separatists of sabotage.

Meanwhile, fighting continued between the two sides in the eastern part of Ukraine with deaths being registered, including soldiers and civilians.

The BBC reported on the 3 February 2015 that up to 16 civilians had been killed and dozens more injured in the space of 24 hours in fighting in eastern Ukraine, as the UN warned that the fresh surge in violence was proving 'catastrophic'. The UN also reported that fighting in eastern Ukraine had killed more than 5,350. At least 224 civilians had died in the previous three weeks.

Some media sources reported that the United States was reconsidering the option of providing weapons to Ukraine.
However, Euro|Topics wrote in its Main Focus on the 3 February 2015 that the US had no plans to deliver weapons to Kiev 'in the near future', quoting an adviser to US President Obama. The US and Europe must arm Kiev, some commentators wrote. Others warned that Russia would see weapons from the West as a pretext for stepping up its intervention in eastern Ukraine.

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