United Kingdom Internal Market Bill 2019-21

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Public bill presented to Parliament by the UK Government on 9 September 2020, aiming to ensure no new barriers are introduced for businesses trading across the United Kingdom once the UK Government and the devolved administrations are no longer collectively bound by EU law.

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As powers over essential policy areas return to the Government and devolved administrations, there is a possibility that different part of the UK may in future make different rules. This could create barriers to trade between constituent parts of the UK. The UK Internal Market Bill would rely on the principles of mutual recognition and non-discrimination to ensure there are no new barriers for businesses trading across the UK.

The provisions of this bill include:

  • Matters concerning the internal market for goods and services in the UK;
  • Matters concerning the Northern Ireland Protocol relating to trade and state aid;
  • Financial assistance in connection with economic development, infrastructure, culture, sport and educational or training activities and exchanges;
  • Regulation of provision of distortive or harmful subsidies a reserved or excepted matter.

This document was preceded by a White Paper published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on 16 July 2020. The bill was introduced to the House of Common and given its First Reading on 9 September 2020. The devolved administrations raised strong objections to the bill. The proposed document also gives ministers powers to amend how the UK could implement the Northern Ireland protocol. The potential violation of international law - through unilateral change to the binding Withdrawal Agreement - raised concern among politicians and other stakeholders across the United Kingdom and beyond. Not least, this proposal threatened the successful conclusion of negotiations with the European Union on a framework for post-Brexit relations - an extraordinary meeting of the EU-UK Joint Committee was called following the introduction of this bill.

The bill was approved in second reading by the House of Commons on 14 September by 340 votes to 263. It was also approved in third reading on 29 September by 340 votes to 256. In November 2020, the House of Lords voted for amendments to the proposed Bill.

Source Link https://services.parliament.uk/bills/2019-21/unitedkingdominternalmarket.html
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