Unpacking international organisations. The dynamics of compound bureaucracies

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Publication Date 2010
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This book introduces international bureaucracy as a key field of study for public administration and also rediscovers it as an essential ingredient in the study of international organisations.

To what extent, how and why do international bureaucracies challenge and supplement the inherent Westphalian intergovernmental order based on territorial sovereignty?

To what extent, how and why do international bureaucracies supplement the existing international intergovernmental order with a multi-dimensional international order subjugated by a compound set of decision-making dynamics?

International bureaucracies constitute a distinct and increasingly important feature of public administration studies. However, the role of international bureaucracies has been largely neglected in most social science sub-disciplines. This book takes a first step into a third generation of international organisation (IO) studies.


Part I: Introducing and theorising international bureaucracy
1. The bureaucracy of international organisations
2. On the principles of organisation of international bureaucracies

Part II: International bureaucracies
3. The European Commission
4. The OECD Secretariat
5. The WTO Secretariat

Part III: The dynamics of compound bureaucracies
6. Departmental dynamics in international bureaucracies
7. Supranational dynamics in international bureaucracies
8. Epistemic dynamics in international bureaucracies
9. Intergovernmental dynamics in international bureaucracies

Part IV: Conclusions
10. Complexity and stability in international bureaucracies

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