What Italy’s Presidential Election Means for Europe

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Publication Date January 2022
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The future of European economic integration hinged in no small part on Italy’s political and economic trajectory. After Mario Draghi’s government of national unity took office in February 2021, an uneasy truce prevailed between Italy’s largest political parties, and the country began a process of broad-ranging reform linked to the EU’s recovery fund. But the election of a new head of state  could threaten Draghi’s coalition and sap Italy’s reform momentum. And whoever was elected president would have substantial influence: Italian presidents play an important role in government formation and have the power to ask Parliament to reconsider legislation.

Source Link https://www.cer.eu/insights/what-italys-presidential-election-means-europe
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  • https://www.cer.eu/sites/default/files/insight_LS_it_pres_election_18.1.22.pdf
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