Why Europe’s critical raw materials strategy has to be international

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Publication Date 05/04/2023
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The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing energy crisis has made the European Union (EU) acutely aware of its exposure to geopolitical risks in key supply chains. Policymakers are now asking whether, in its drive to decarbonise its economy, Europe risks creating new dependencies. For example, when replacing an internal combustion engine car running on Russian fossil fuels by an electric vehicle with batteries made from Chinese minerals, will one dependency just be swapped for another?

Source Link https://www.bruegel.org/analysis/why-europes-critical-raw-materials-strategy-has-be-international
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  • https://www.bruegel.org/sites/default/files/2023-06/why-europe%E2%80%99s-critical-raw-materials-strategy-has-to-be-international-%288941%29_1.pdf
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