Winners and Losers of Globalization

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Publication Date November 2017
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This publication deals with the all-encompassing question of winners and losers of globalization. The goal, in tackling such a controversial issue, is to go beyond taking stock of the impact of globalization on economic, political and social systems around the world and to make policy recommendations based on sound scientific analysis.

This publication engages with a problem of historical proportions that has structurally affected the shape of the world as we used to know it, from the global economy to the social fabric of all countries involved, from the legitimacy and power of liberal democracies to the international institutions governing issues transcending national borders.

It therefore identifies a number of main features that characterize globalization and analyses them in separate policy papers: International trade, the challenges national labour and welfare policies face when confronted with globalization, and finally the growing difficulty faced by political institutions and governments in managing the consequences of globalization.

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