Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe (4th edition)

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Publication Date 2019
ISBN 9781108683524
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This fourth edition of this survey features significant changes to every chapter, designed to reflect the newest scholarship. Global issues have been threaded throughout the book, while still preserving the clear thematic structure of previous editions. Thus readers will find expanded discussions of gendered racial hierarchies, migration, missionaries, and consumer goods. In addition, there is enhanced coverage of recent theoretical directions; the ideas, beliefs, and practices of ordinary people; early industrialization; women's learning, letter writing, and artistic activities; emotions and sentiments; single women and same-sex relations; masculinities; mixed-race and enslaved women; and the life course from birth to death.

With geographically broad coverage, including Russia, Scandinavia, the Ottoman Empire, and the Iberian Peninsula, this remains the leading text on women and gender in Europe in this period. Accompanying this essential reading is a completely revised website featuring extensive updated bibliographies, web links, and primary source material.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
    • Ideas and Laws
  • Part I - Body
    • The Female Life Cycle
    • Women’s Economic Role
  • Part II - Mind
    • Learning and Letters
    • The Creation of Culture
  • Part III - Spirit
    • Religion
    • Witchcraft
    • Gender and Power
    • Gender in the Colonial World
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