Dispute over Gibraltar following agreement on UK withdrawal from the European Union

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Reports of the concerns shown by Spain in late November 2018 over the impact of a draft agreement regarding the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union on the status of Gibraltar and related dispute between the two countries.

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The deal includes a clause which would ensure that Gibraltar would be covered by a potential future trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union. This was reportedly unknown to Spanish authorities, which had engaged in bilateral (separate) negotiations with the UK regarding Brexit and the territory. The Spanish cabinet argued that under those terms, the trade agreement could apply to Gibraltar without the prior consent of Spain.

On 24 November, an agreement was reportedly reached between the two sides on this issue, following threats that Spain would attempt to block the draft agreement reached by EU and UK negotiators unless further assurances were provided on the role attributed to Spanish authorities on the future of Gibraltar. This would include a bilateral negotiation between Spain and the United Kingdom, leaving the territory outside the scope of the agreements established between the EU and the UK.

The issue overshadowed the days before a special summit of the European Council (EU27 format), designed to endorse the withdrawal agreement and a political declaration on the post-Brexit EU-UK relationship.

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