Gibraltar in the context of Brexit negotiations

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Reports and analyses on the negotiations relating to the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union when it comes to Gibraltar, its status and the overall post-Brexit situation of this territory.

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Gibraltar was ceded to the British Crown by the Spanish Crown in 1713 and has remained under British sovereignty since that time. Spain tried to recapture Gibraltar by military force in the 18th century and has maintained a political and diplomatic campaign to restore Gibraltar to Spanish sovereignty to the present day. The territory joined the EU in 1973 as an external European territory of the UK, and Spain became a full member of the EU in 1986. Gibraltar was exempted from the Customs Union and certain other provisions, but has otherwise enjoyed full access to the Single Market. Gibraltar did not join the Schengen group.

Gibraltar voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union as a result of the referendum held on the United Kingdom's membership. The negotiating guidelines put forward by the European Council stated that any agreement between the EU and UK would only apply to Gibraltar following a bilateral agreement between the UK and Spain. As negotiations unfolded, there were concerns the Spanish government could use this veto power as a lever to obtain concessions over the sovereignty of the territory. An agreement on the post-Brexit status of Gibraltar was eventually reached on 25 November 2018, following a last-minute dispute.

The United Kingdom and Spain concluded on 29 November 2018 a set of Memoranda of Understanding on Gibraltar, supporting the related protocol which is featured on the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement. A Concordat was also published stating Memoranda and the Withdrawal Agreement’s Protocol on Gibraltar would be implemented in accordance with the Constitution of Gibraltar.

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